Host ConfigurationΒΆ

conf/cuckoo.conf configuration:

# Specify the name of the machinery module to use, this module will
# define the interaction between Cuckoo and your virtualization software
# of choice.
machinery = virtualbox

# The Result Server is used to receive in real time the behavioral logs
# produced by the analyzer.
# Specify the IP address of the host. The analysis machines should be able
# to contact the host through such address, so make sure it's valid.
# NOTE: if you set resultserver IP to you have to set the option
# `resultserver_ip` for all your virtual machines in machinery configuration.
ip =

conf/virtualbox.conf configuration:

label = cuckoo_android_x86
platform = android_device
ip =
snapshot = clean_snapshot
interface = vboxnet0
resultserver_ip =
resultserver_port = 2042

conf/auxiliary.conf configuration:

# Enable or disable the use of an external sniffer (tcpdump) [yes/no].
enabled = yes

conf/processing.conf configuration:

enabled = yes

enabled = yes
android_id = <add android_id>
google_login = <add google_login>
google_password = <add google_password>

enabled = yes
#Decompiling dex with androguard in a heavy operation and for a big dex's
#he can really consume performance from the cuckoo host ,so it's recommended to limit the size of dex that you will decompile

conf/reporting.conf configuration:

enabled = no

enabled = yes